» Gamer Girl of the Month Ashley

Name: Ashley

Gamertag : ImHaulinAsh

Whats your Favorite Game?

Quake Live, Just because its different than any other shooters. You get to rocket jump and strike jump. Its very fast paced which makes shooters interesting. I am kinda over the whole camping behind boxes

Are you being paid to say quake live?

No, not at all. Honestly I love quake Live

What is the crappiest game you play?

Ive been trying to play red Dead Redemption but really all I wanna do is run around and kill the animals

What is the craziest fan experience you have had?

I have had a couple of guys chase me down for t shirts, not my number, just t shirts

What is your day job?

I am an assistant for a chiropractor

Would you ever date Mickey?

We had this conversation back in 2008 and he ditched me

How Long have you been gaming?

Since Super Mario Bros.

Photos and Interviews Courtesy of CharismaPlusTwo