• » Gamer Girl of the Month (January 2012) – Jenna



    How long have you been gaming?

    Ive been gaming since I have been pretty young. This is my first time getting into PC. I played a lot of sega and playstation but now I am going toward PC.

    What kind of gaming rituals do you have?

    I have some food next to me… I need my chocolate. My favorite gaming snack is cookies… with my little milk. I love oreos.

    What do you say when you get upset while gaming?

    I don’t have anything really. Whatever comes out comes out.

    What is your day job?

    I work retail at Abercrombie.

    What is the craziest fan experience you have had?

    This is my first time doing this, so I haven’t experienced any crazy fan

    What is the crappiest game you have played?

    Thats kinda hard. I give up!

    How long does it take you get a handle on games?

    I usually do pretty well on the consoles. The PC games take me a little longer.

    Photos and Interviews Courtesy of CharismaPlusTwo