Ultra Podcast


Teaser for the new year!

First 09 Podcast with Action Jeans


Geoff Sexyness is back and with a new all Jordan Doom segment.


Jordan Doom host the show with two fimilar faces.


Never before seen podcast.


Jordan Doom is back!


Dr.Classy Man fills in!


Totally randomness.


Podcast on time! Sweeeeet…


Part 1 of 2 in the longest podcast of all time!


Part 2


See why the podcast was late…..that bastard Geoff Sexyness….


Today has a speical guest Sascha filling in for Jordan Doom, also see some sweet explosions from Shanes clip this week.


A ton of forum questions this week as well as a new segment from producer Shane.


The Ultra Doom and Technology Podcast with Doom and Sexyness. Todays show features Sonic Dying and Doom is finally back and her boobs too as she likes to say.


The Ultra Doom and Technology Podcast with Doom and Sexyness is back! Today Mickey fills in at the GameXchange in Lewisville, TX.


Geoff Sexyness and Jordan Doom are back! Todays show talks about how they will never leave again. See Jordan’s impression of Geoff Sexyness, Handsome Tom joins them for the news and a classic commercial that will haunt your dreams.


Quite possibly one of the best podcast without Doom and Sexyness, Mickey and Alyssa fill in. Todays show we find out if Alyssa looks at porn, lots about comic books and hinting at some blackmail footage form Mickey.


Check out the badass new intro for the Doom and Sexyness. This week Jordan and Geoff go to the launch of HellBoy 2 and all the forum questions you can handle.